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Welcome to the Visitors information page on the CSEPP Portal!

What is CSEPP?
Since 1988, FEMA and the U.S. Army have assisted communities surrounding the seven chemical stockpile sites, where chemical agents are safely stored, to enhance their abilities to respond to the unlikely event of a chemical agent emergency. The continued success of CSEPP initiatives depends on the productive working partnerships enjoyed by federal, state, and local jurisdictions involved in the program.

Follow the resource links below to learn more about the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program.
CMA_Press_Releases.aspxChemical Materials Agency Press Releases
CSEPP_brochure.pdfCSEPP Brochure
CSEPP_LegacyBrochure.pdfCSEPP Legacy Brochure
CSEPP_Program_Guidance.pdfCSEPP Program Guidance
FEMA.aspxFederal Emergency Management Agency
FY2012_CSEPP Report_to_Congress.pdfFY 2012 CSEPP Report to Congress