CSEPP History

For the past 25 years, FEMA has assisted communities near the chemical stockpile sites through a Memorandum of Agreement with the U.S. Army. Under this agreement, the Army provides for protection of personnel at its chemical depots (on-post) and provides funding to FEMA to assist State and local governments to carry out functions related to emergency preparedness and response in the surrounding communities (off-post). CSEPP Protecting the community

CSEPP activities to enhance state and local preparedness capabilities include:

  • Response training and equipment for fire, police, EMS, and hospitals;
  • Modernization of emergency communications and public alert and warning systems;
  • Development of coordinated emergency response plans and procedures,
  • Development of strategies to protect the public that include shelter-in-place and evacuation;
  • Development and delivery of outreach messages to educate the public; and
  • Annual exercises to demonstrate these capabilities.

The Army has safely destroyed the stockpiles in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Maryland, Oregon, and Utah in accordance with the international Chemical Weapons Convention. Today, FEMA partners with the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the State of Colorado in ensuring the safety of the public at the two remaining stockpile locations. Integrated Process Teams have been established to coordinate emergency preparedness activities across a broad spectrum of organizations in each community.

For information on how residents can be better prepared for potential emergencies, visit the Prepare Pueblo and Prepare Kentucky websites.

CSEPP Prepare Kentucky Prepare Pueblo


For information on the safe storage of the chemical weapons at these locations, visit the home of the U.S. Department of Defense Chemical Materials Activity.

For information on the safe destruction of the chemical weapons at these locations, visit the home of the U.S. Department of Defense Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives.

Additional Resources

CSEPP Brochure
CSEPP Brochure provides a historical overview of the CSEPP mission and the eight original U.S. Army chemical stockpile locations.

CSEPP Legacy Brochure
CSEPP Legacy Brochure provides an overview of the program’s innovations in protective action decision-making, training, exercises, medical preparedness, public outreach, and program measurement.