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Emergency Planners

Comprehensive Planning for Technological Emergencies

Video-Comprehensive Training for First Responders
Video Length: 1:37:32

This video is intended for responders, planners, public officials, and healthcare workers. It provides information on emergency planning and response to toxic chemical and radiological incidents, including PPE, hazard characteristics, exposure signs/symptoms, protective actions, personnel and animal issues for decontamination.

The Student Guide includes the complete script to the video.

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Emergency Planning for People with Access and Functional Needs

This video is intended for emergency managers and shelter operators. It focuses on emergency planning for populations with access and functional needs, including people with disabilities, mobility issues or special needs, or vulnerabilities.

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Animals in Emergencies (for Planners)

Animals in Emergencies :What Owners Need to Know

This video is intended for local emergency managers, shelter operators, and animal care professionals. It discusses planning for emergency animal and pet evacuation, transportation, and sheltering in accordance with the PETS Act of 2006.

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Residential Shelter-in-Place

This video is intended for local emergency managers and citizens. It describes the steps for sheltering-in-place in the home, and explains why sheltering can protect people from a chemical vapor, how officials may notify residents to shelter-in-place, and what measures residents can take to protect themselves and their families from a chemical release.

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Business Shelter-in-Place

This video is intended for local emergency managers, business owners, and commercial facility managers. it explains how sheltering-in-place can protect employees, customers, and visitors during a chemical emergency and discusses the factors a business should consider in developing a shelter-in-place plan.

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Evacuation Planning

This video is intended for local emergency managers and elected officials. It focuses on planning for community-level evacuations that involve the movement of large numbers of people. Information presented includes research from past events and human behavior considerations.

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CSEPP Shelter in Place Protective Action GuideCSEPP Shelter-in-Place Protective Action Guide Book (May 2006)
Provides guidance for local officials on planning for and implementing temporary shelter-in-place as protection from airborne toxic chemical hazards that might result from an chemical agent accident or incident.


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