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Animals in Emergencies: What Owners Need to Know

Animals in Emergencies :What Owners Need to Know
Video length: 35:36

This video is intended to help pet and livestock owners prepare to protect their animals during emergencies. It outlines key points in developing a plan to evacuate animals or to shelter them in place and how to find resources in the community to assist you.

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Residential Shelter-in-Place

Video length: 13:23

This video is intended for local emergency managers and citizens. It describes the steps for sheltering-in-place in the home, and explains why sheltering can protect people from a chemical vapor, how officials may notify residents to shelter-in-place, and what measures residents can take to protect themselves and their families from a chemical release.

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Business Shelter-in-Place

Video length: 29:37

This video is intended for local emergency managers, business owners, and commercial facility managers. it explains how sheltering-in-place can protect employees, customers, and visitors during a chemical emergency and discusses the factors a business should consider in developing a shelter-in-place plan.

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