CSEPP Training

Medical & Health Professionals

Exposure and Contamination

Video- Exposure & Contamination Video Length: 55:55 min

This video is for emergency responders and medical personnel in a chemical, biological, or radiological event.  It describes the concepts of exposure pathways, surface deposition, toxicity, secondary contamination, dose/dosage, and acute and chronic exposure.

The Student Guide includes the complete script to the video.

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Medical Management of Contaminated Patients

Video- Exposure & Contamination
Video Length: 1:01:20

This video is intended for hospital emergency personnel responding to a chemical agent release. It describes the triage process for mass casualties using the Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment protocols, patient decontamination, and appropriate PPE for medical personnel. The program also describes the signs, symptoms, and treatment for those exposed to blister and nerve agents, including the use of atropine and 2-pam chloride.

The Student Guide includes the complete script to the video.

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CSEPP Medical Resource Guide

This CSEPP Medical Resource Guide was developed to provide the pre-hospital and hospital medical communities with an all-hazards approach that emphasizes chemical recognition, decontamination, and treatment. It identifies fundamental documents necessary for the medical community to assist with planning, including standards and guidelines, tools, a comprehensive medical concept of operations, response and recovery information, and learning strategies.

CSEPP Exercise Guidance

The CSEPP Exercise Guidance provides program guidance for implementation of full-scale exercises involving local, State, and Federal participants as part of the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program. It describes a process for planning an exercise, managing and controlling the exercise event, and evaluating and documenting the results consistent with the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. Appendices address the after-action report and improvement plan process, extent of play agreements, exercise evaluation guides, a NIMS ICS management structure, and a sample planning timeline for a full-scale community exercise.

CSEPP Medical Exercise Guidance

There are also two documents intended as either a self-evaluation tool or a guide for evaluators during an exercise with a mass casualty situation: